AHEAD Governance

AHEAD is comprised of 20 regional chapters headed by a chapter coordinator. It is a bottom up organization governed by an executive board comprised of those 20 chapter coordinators and an executive director. The executive director runs the organization’s daily operations. One of the 20 chapter coordinators serves as the generator coordinator. Chapter coordinators, who perform various functions within the organization, are elected for a term of two years.

The regional chapters are further comprised of ambassadors who are responsible for recruiting individual members into their own circles. Every two years, the ambassador with the largest circle (most members) is automatically elected the chapter coordinator for that region. While an ambassador must live in the region, a member of that ambassador’s does not need to. Thus, ambassadors can recruit any legal US resident into their circles; even if that person lives in a different region. This is a meritocratic organization where anyone can rise to the top leadership.

Executive Team

Haiti Ahead's Executive Team Members. The Executive Team manages the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Jacques Bingue

Jacques Bingue

Executive Director


Executive Director of AHEAD. Jacques is also the Founder.